The Rhino Mania Charity Auction


The Rhino Mania Charity Auction was a great success, raising over £100,000 in total. Congratulations to all the new Rhino keepers across the region who will be enjoying their new pieces of art for years to come

If you would like to see which Rhinos went to auction, please see the list below.

The Rhino Mania Auction Lots:

th1_fleur Lot No. 01

Artist: Rosalind Hargreaves
Pretty in pink and bedecked with fragile emblems, Fleur vividly evokes the beauty and vibrancy of nature.
th02_leroy Lot No. 02

Artist: Mike Kilkelly
A new addition to the herd we know you'll think Leroy is just gggrreat!

th3_scoopy Lot No. 03

Artist: Ali McWatt
This interesting design has made headlines on the trail this summer.
th4_maximus_rhinocerus Lot No.04
Maximus Rhinoceros - Guardian of Chester

Artist: Rachel Almond
This striking roman Rhino flew the flag for Chester in London - could he be your knight in shining armour?

th5_rhino-mania Lot No. 05
Rhino Mania

Artist: Trevor Skempton
A work of art that expertly weaves in the historic skyline of Chester using the impressive frame of the Rhino.
th6_empathy Lot No. 06

Artist: Mish Mash
As the Samaritans continually offer help to those in need, can you help our Rhino find a new home? Proceeds for this Rhino will be gifted to Samaritans, Chester.

th7_showzam Lot No. 07

Artist: Lucy Jones
This natural born show-stopper loves a big stage and they don't come bigger than the fundraiser of the year.
th8_percy Lot No. 08
Artist: The People

A truly democratic work of art containing Rhino designs by the people, for the people.

th9_otis Lot No.09

Designed by Bob Berridge,
Painted by Angela Brady
This Rhino was a favourite on the trail down on the picturesque Groves – certainly the hottest buy on the high street.
th10_hally Lot No.10

Artist: The Langhorne Family
The blackest of Rhinos, Hally's twinkling design will light up any location quite beautifully.

th11_the-wallower Lot No. 11
The Wallower

Artist: Fiona Meakin
The story of how to keep bugs away inspired this fun design, from the oxpecker feeding off the hide to the necessity of joyfully wallowing in mud.
th12_rascal Lot No. 12
(mini size: 70cm)
Artist: Katie Wild & Sally Williamson
One of our miniature marvels, Rascal is the real character of Rhino Mania with his very own Facebook following!

th13_jazzy-lishus Lot No. 13
Jazzy Lishus

Artist: Groves Artist Mary Saifelden
Infused by the workplace of this acclaimed artist - the Groves in Chester - this design hits all the right notes with Rhino fans.
th14_almost-wiped-out Lot No. 14
Almost Wiped Out

Artist: Sara Corley
This unfinished masterpiece would look at home in a gallery, business, or garden.

th15_think Lot No 15

Artist: Sam Jones
A striking and apt canvas on which to present this thought provoking depiction of the impact we're having on the planet.
th16_the-ladybug Lot No.16
The Ladybug

Artist: Nicki McCubbing
A fun Rhino in disguise, will this ladybird fly away to your home?

th17_rodney-rhino Lot No.17
Rodney Rhino

Artist: Phil Crawford with Zap Graffiti
Happy 21st birthday to our nominated auction charity, and all who work and care so much at this amazing hospice. Proceeds for this Rhino will be gifted to Hospice of the Good Shepherd.
th18_slpodge Lot No. 18

Artist: Janet Fishwick
A trail favourite from the beginning, Splodge proves big is certainly bright and beautiful.

th19_african-rhino Lot No. 19
African Rhino

Artist: Alison Pitt
A bold and bright design inspired by the true home of the Black Rhino. Proceeds for this Rhino will be gifted to Lache Adventure Playground.
th20_the-racer Lot No. 20
The Racer

Artist: Charlotte Brown
A thoroughbred specimen, it's a safe bet this entry will win a few admirers when it takes its turn to go under the hammer.

th21_flo Lot No. 21

Artist: Sarah Jane Richards
A stunning depiction of the life that springs eternally from our rivers by the popular Cheshire artist, exclusively for the Rhino Mania auction.
th22_brutus Lot No. 22

Artist: Tamzin Harris
Influenced by the style of 16th Century artist Durer, this Rhino is a graceful representation of brute force.

th23_rhynosaur Lot No. 23

Artist: Paul McKay
This wonderful-winged creature, you'll be flying high if you snap this one up!!
th24_peace-and-freedom Lot No. 24
Peace & Freedom

Artist: Wendy Williams
The unmistakable style of Pablo Picasso pays tribute to TATE Liverpool's 2010 summer blockbuster exhibition.

th25_rhino-999 Lot No. 25
Rhino 999

Artist: John Kelly
The extinction of any animal is a matter of concern for all nations; an emergency call to the world.
th26-deeno Lot No. 26

Artist: Andy Harrington
You couldn't help but fall in love with this radiating design, but do you have a heart big enough to take him home?

th27_stellar Lot No. 27

Artist: Gillian Smith
A star in the making, Stellar is a dazzling evocation of a clear Rhinoblack night - you may even spot 'The Great Rhino'...
th28_lakes-alive Lot No. 28
Lakes Alive

Artist: Anna Benson
The Lake District is one of the jewels in England's crown – could this Rhino be the jewel in your art collection?

th29_handle-with-care Lot No. 29
Handle with Care

Artist: Sophie Green
This 'porcelain' Rhino is precious cargo indeed and intricately paints a gold-tipped picture of why we need to handle it with care.
th30_compulsive_protection Lot No. 30
Compulsive Protection

Artist: David Setter
The beautiful 'continuous doodle' design is set to natural contours which has formed a skin of exaggerated wonder.

th31_while-stocks-last Lot No. 31
While Stocks Last

Artist: Sara Corley
The iconic and universal barcode makes the point that the trade in ivory has made this a priceless beast – is the price right for you?
th32_miniB Lot No. 32
Mini B
(mini size: 70cm)
Artist: Tamzin Harris
The little brother of Brutus, Mini B is stength and beauty in miniature.

th33_liverpools1 Lot No. 33
Liverpool's Loveliest ONE

Artists: One Red Shoe
The latest fashions adorn the limbs of these silver branches - a great buy in anyone's books.
th34_black-and-white-2 Lot No. 34
Black and White 'Extinct'

Artist: Martin Band
A striking Rhino with a sharp point to make, thanks to a stark but graphic play on words. Proceeds for this Rhino will be gifted to WWF-UK.

th35_world-lacrosse Lot No. 35
World Lacrosse

Artist: Phillip Marsden
Manchester is one of Europe's great sporting capitals and this Rhino is advertising the latest international championships the city will be hosting.
th36_hollyoaks-omnibus Lot No. 36
Hollyoaks Omnibus

Artist: Nicola Windever
No doubt there'll be a stampede for this Chester tourer - but you'll have to get in the queue to catch it!

th37_ecko Lot No. 37

Designed by Marc Ecko,
Painted by Mike Snowdon
Cult clothes designer and graffiti artist Marc Ecko produced the original design for this stunning Rhino. Proceeds for this Rhino will be gifted to Chester Zoo's Black Rhino Project.
th38_guardian Lot No. 38

Artist: Michael Haselden
Protecting a walled city was part and parcel of life for a Chester centurion; can you now give this impressive Rhino sanctuary?

th39_cheshire-set Lot No. 39
Cheshire Set

Artist: Anthony Braniff
A Rhino fashion statement - this well known stereotype of country life comes complete with standard issue tweedjacket, riding jodhpurs and boots.
th40_rhino-mosaica Lot No. 40
Rhino Mosaica

Artist: Su Hurrell
One of the most photographed Rhinos on the trail, this beautiful mosaic design is enhanced by the powerful form of the Rhino.

th41_armour-plated Lot No. 41
Armour Plated

Groves Artist Mary Saifelden
The vitality and vibrancy of Africa is an en-armouring sight both on the savannah and the high street.
th42_romoceros Lot No. 42

Artists: One Red Shoe
Created by super talented artists, this proud centurion is art impressively imitating life.

th43_biggles Lot No. 43

Artist: Phil Keeley
The big Rhino's strength and fragility is imaginatively embodied in the use of shattered glass and chrome.
th44_charity Lot No. 44

Artist: Julie Dodd
Don't miss this golden opportunity to pick up this gorgeous girl. Proceeds for this Rhino will be gifted to Virgin Money Giving.

th45_ronald Lot No. 45

Artist: West Cheshire College Students, Michael Adams, Gareth Owen, Liam Owen, Gemma Owen, Chris Muir, Nita Philipson, Danielle Williams, Ben Millet and Pete Foster (Tutor)
Ronald is a striking Rhino, full of intricate patterns and brooding colours.
th46_regal-rhino Lot No. 46
Regal Rhino

Artist: Candida Boyes
The king of the trail, right-royal Rhino and all round trail favourite.

th47_the-bulk Lot No. 47
The Bulk

Artist: Angela Brady
The skill that went into creating this fun characterisation of a well-know comic hero is enough to make you green with envy, just don't make him angry...
th48_cestrianocerous Lot No. 48

Artist: Sarah Jane Richards
A Picasso-esque reminder of why Chester is a world-class visitor destination by an artist of note.

th49_rehema Lot No. 49
(mini size: 70cm)
Artist: Mugie Primary School, Laikipia, Kenya
Rehema is a very special reminder of why our rhinos are so precious, designed and decorated by the children who feel this incredible animal's decline most keenly.
th50_romano Lot No. 50
Rhino Romano
Artist: Anthony Braniff
A star Rhino and the most photographed on the trail, Romano in miniature now sits proudly in houses across Chester and beyond.

th51_rhin-o-clock Lot No. 51

Artist: Becky Barnett
Inspired by the iconic and ornate East Gate Clock, this Rhino is a classic time-piece with a twist.
th52_precious-commodity Lot No. 52
Precious Commodity

Artist: Tracie Marshall
A clever mosaic of endangered species, this popular Rhino is a real collectors item.

th53_elvis Lot No. 53

Artist: Martin Band
Introducing the Rhinestone Rhino, AKA The King of Bling. A natural No 1, Elvis will bring the lustre of Las Vegas to any location.


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